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Welcome to the Progressive Group for Independent Business Women. Whether you are an independent business woman, an owner, a sales rep for a larger firm, an outsite agent, a student or an entrepreneur just starting out, we encourage you to take a look at the many aspects of our organization. Find out how we can help you and your business grow. 

Below are the 4 main aspects of the Progressive Group for Independent Business Women (PGIBW):

Connect with others.

We have a number of networking meetings throughout the year that give you the opportunity to connect with other successful business women. Just being able to have a place to meet others, talk to them about what you do, pass your business card out and find out what they are doing is incredibly powerful. It can take you out of your comfort zone, help you to get a lead or referral on your next best client, or just remind you that you are not alone. Somehow meeting others face-to-face in a business networking setting is invaluable. It takes you from the tunnel vision of looking at your own business and industry to seeing things from another's perspective. Sometimes a simple and encouraging comment made by another can have you thinking in a new and positive way. Also, by meeting with others and celebrating their successes, you are made more successful. We'd love to have you join us at an upcoming meeting. Check out our networking events to see what's happening in your area.

Learn something new.

At our events, we bring experts to speak about their particular field or specialty to impart to you knowledge that will help you. Some of the exciting topics have included - getting organized & saving time, goal setting for success, marketing bootcamp, cold calling, public speaking, emotional intelligence, networking, merchandizing and more. Join us at an upcoming lunch & learn style event. Please see our upcoming events to see what's happening. Currently, we host events in the Calgary area only.

Grow your business.

Our online business directory - www.womenspages.ca is a great place for you to do some online advertising to get the word out about what you are doing and get more business. A lot of people are finding the site with a tonne of various searches that they do using search engines. We have a very good page rank with Google, so let people find your business here! Contact us today to get your business listed on WomensPages.ca.

Save some money.

If you join our business organization, you will have the opportunity to get Low Merchant Rates through Helcim. Our organization has been given preferred rates starting at 1.66%. In addition, many members offer discounts for their products and services to other PGIBW members. Please see our Benefits page for more great discounts and benefits.

To see the newspaper article about PGIBW that appeared in papers across Canada, click the title of the article below:
Women Network their way to Career Success.


Letter from Iris Evans
Minister, Employment, Immigration and Industry

March 8 is a special day that was first declared by the United Nations in 1977. International Women’s Day is a call for all of us to respect and value women in Alberta and all around the globe.

Canada’s theme this year, Strong Women, Strong World, provides Albertans with the opportunity to celebrate the empowerment of Alberta women and showcase their valuable contributions to help secure a brighter future for our province.

You have inherited the privilege of serving in a stronger role in society because of many women before us who have had the vision and persistence to make our world a better place. You and your organization is to be congratulated for continuing that legacy by supporting the values of decency, honour, truth and justice for all people. Today, Alberta women are a beacon of hope for new Canadians and our future generations who will benefit because we stand strong in making significant contributions to our homes and families, education, health, engineering, science and technology, and many other important pursuits.

On this special day, I want to thank you and your organization for the important work you have been doing to better the lives of Alberta’s women. Women have many voices, and I commend you for your work to expand their voice and to ensure it is heard.

Sincerely yours,

Iris Evans
Minister, Employment, Immigration and Industry

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